daVinci Robot

Robotic technology has been successfully applied to the field of surgery providing surgeons today with the latest gadgets to effectively perform minimally invasive surgery.

In robotic surgery, a surgeon sits down at a console in the operating room where the surgery is being performed and operates a robot’s arms which replicates the motion produced by the surgeon to carry out surgical maneuvers. So rest assured, the ‘bots do not take over the surgery’. They only obey the surgeon doing his moves.

The first advantage of robotic surgery is the improved 3-D, high-definition view that a surgeon receives of the operative field. This is in contrast to the 2-D view that a surgeon has to make do with, in traditional laparoscopic surgery. The other advantage is the improved flexibility of the wristed robotic instruments with which better surgical movements can be produced. The net result is that a patient gets a better chance of completion of the operation in a minimally invasive fashion.

Robotic technology has also simplified the process of single incision surgery which allows the surgeon to perform the entire minimally invasive surgery through one incision, leaving behind only one scar well hidden within the crease of the belly-button. Robotic single incision surgery is currently being offered for cholecystectomy.

Good Samaritan hospital provides the da Vinci Si robotic system that has the adaptability to use smaller instruments with which pediatric surgeons perform robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is only performed by those trained and certified to do the same. Dr Jones is one of the handful of general pediatric surgeons in the country certified in robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is being currently offered for some conditions in pediatric surgery. Ask your surgeon if robotic surgery is appropriate for your child.